Blackwood Swim School is

currently not in operation.


Therefore, we will not be accepting

any bookings at this time.


Thank you for your interest.


Blackwood Swim School has been in operation since 2009 and was formerly located inside Blackwood Fitness, 210 Main Road Blackwood. We no longer reside in the  Blackwood Fitness building and are not associated with them in any way!

As of March 31st 2012 we relocated to Daw Park, SA to a new purpose built teaching pool.

We conduct fun and child-centered Swimming and Water Safety lessons for children of all ages and abilities in a positive, caring family environment!

Please take the time to have look around our website and learn more about our Programs, Our Staff and see some of our fantastic swimmers!

More information regarding our fees, terms and conditions is available here!

 Please contact us today to enrol your child!

 We hope to see you all at the pool soon!

From all the team at Blackwood Swim School!

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Fees, Terms & Conditions

10th July, 2012

Please see the following links for more information.

 Blackwood Swim School @ Daw Park – Fees, Terms and Conditions

Payment Information for Term 3 2012

Parking @ Daw Park

15th June, 2012

Please read the following important notice regarding parking requirements for our Swim School in Daw Park or access the PDF of the notice and parking map HERE .






The following parking instructions are not a guideline. It is a requirement of your child continuing to receive lessons at our Swim School that these parking instructions are adhered to.

You may park in front of our property on the Northern Side of Aver Ave (this is the same side that our property is on). You may also park in our front yard taking care to always be aware of people entering and exiting the property for their lessons.

If these two areas do not have any available parking spots then you may park in Roseberry Street taking care not to block or overhang any driveways.

Our neighbours have been very supportive however on a number of occasions during the past two weeks our clients have blocked, or partially blocked, their driveways.

We have also been alerted to the highly dangerous activity of people walking down the middle of the road with their children. Our street is regularly used as a thoroughfare to Goodwood Road and as such the speed limit is not always adhered to by reckless motorists. Please ensure your and your children’s safety by using the footpath, crossing the road with care, and driving safely below the speed limit.

If these parking instructions are not followed we will have no other choice other than to limit our teaching to one class at a time. This would result in half of you missing out on lessons at this pool.

Thank you


Emma and Anthony

Latest News from Blackwood Swim School @ Daw Park

1st June, 2012

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